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    Tis The Sun


    “What’s the matter?” I whispered after I realised he was restless and fidgety. “Tis the sun,” he whispered back. “I am certain!” How exactly do you console someone who had buried two wives and seven children within the last year, all murdered? Yet here we were, at the funeral of his second wife. He had…

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    Guest Posts

    Submission Phase of the 2015 BAKE Awards Now Open


    The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) on Friday announced the launch of its fourth annual Kenyan Blog Awards. These awards recognize exceptional Kenyan bloggers that have great and useful content presented in a creative and innovative format. The 2015 BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards will have 18 categories. This comes after the addition of one new category, a…

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    Guest Posts, Relationships, True Stories

    Dough Maker


    ‘Mukami, you know you’re a very good girl, but this time you have let me down. Why were you bullying the young girl? Even if you’re almost going home, you do not break the rules.’ He said all these as he slowly caressed my behind. First with the cane, then with his hands. He had…

  • q71

    KFC Opens The First Drive-Thru Restaurant


    International fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) opened the country’s first drive-thru restaurant on Monday. The restaurant is located along Mombasa Road, at the Total Service Station near Airtel Kenya. The launch was witnessed by the KFC Managing Director, Justin Melvin and the Total Managing Director, Ada Eze. The MC was none other than…

  • fuck cancer
    Fiction, Relationships

    R.I.P. Betty


    Hey to you, the few of you who still read this blog. It is August and the number of posts I have penned down  here this year is equal to any number raised to the power of zero then subtract that number by one. If mathematics was not your thing, then that equals to zero….

  • Guest Posts, Relationships

    Getting Over Heartbreak


    By Potentash   My friend on twitter @greatrnk asked me to write a guest post for him on any topic I wanted. After thinking about it I thought let me write about something I know a lot about, heartbreak. For those who have experienced it heartbreak can be devastating. People go through heartbreak for different…

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